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  • Study of the Picasso red blue and rose period unit years 9 - 10

Study of the Picasso red blue and rose period unit years 9 - 10

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This term I have been studying Pablo Picasso and have been creating a piece of art of my own. To reach this goal I had to follow a few stages. First I had to take some photos, two side on, one looking up and one looking straight ahead. Then I got a piece of OHP and started drawing the photo I had chosen, some of my lines were thick while others had to be very subtle. After I had all of that I practised my portrait and then finally started on my canvas. I drew my portrait and started working on it from there. I shattered it and started colouring the shattered pieces in fluro colours so that it was bright. By the time I finished it looked like a stained glass window from a church. I made the background black so that my hair stood out and my favorite thing about my art was the pose. The pose I have chosen looks like I'm admiring the sun and its warmth. I added a border around my face in twink and that made the black around me stand out. Using the fluro colours made it look more interesting, the pink was the best and it looked brighter than the other fluro colours I used. I used the background around me so that I had something to add to. I am very happy with what I have done and accomplished. By making it look like a piece of art that I never knew I could make. I would never have achieved this if it hadn't been for my art teacher so it is him I am thankful for this and bringing out the real me.



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