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  • Another ???... How can i setup emails for each of my chn as all others need 13yr age... How are others using email in primary level?

  • I'm researching and implementing just a few of the myriad of wonderful ideas from yesterday's Educamp Tai Tokerau. Thanks Tania St Francis :

  • Am thinking of resigning from the VLN. I just can't cope with myriads of 'New Discussion Posts'- having no idea of what they are about.

  • Just getting ready for this afternoon's unconference webinar, who will share? Who will come? Why not join us? 3.45pm http://bit.ly/1qfyrlx

  • Free micro Online Course for educators - open education resources, copyright, and creative commons licenses http://bit.ly/15hTQL9

  • Have updated my Bling4yrblog opening page for the new Blogger interface http://bling4yrblog.blogspot.co.nz/ You can download a paper copy.

  • 4 days left! Totally delighted by yr support for my research. Have your say on the VLN this week before survey closes > http://bit.ly/TKq1MR

  • Woohooo. Just noticed that http://bling4yrblog.blogspot.co.nz/ has had over 100,00 page views! Nice.

  • 2 terms now with 18 pads fun and games and massive help in Pe & health for yrs9-13

  • Why not share your e-learning celebrations from 2013 in our up-coming Enabling e-Learning event? Are you up for it? http://bit.ly/16k3yRV