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  • Creating Connection.

      Watch this 5 min video then read on. (Remember iGen students prefer processing pictures, sounds, colour, and video before text)     Historia de un letrero. (Story of a Sign)   The context in which we experience an event, regardless of whether we are passive view...

    Tags: digital citizen, digital media, empathy, youtube

  • Video resources for PD

    Video resources for PD

    To create environments where all learners thrive, there is immense potential in working closely with people who share a common vision.  But creating that vision takes a massive amount of effort to ensure relationships are strong and trusting, the environment is safe, innovation and the explorati...

    Tags: video, pd, youtube

  • YouTube - Proofreading using Puppet Pals

    Use Puppet Pals to record a child's writing conference.

    Tags: ipad, youtube, conferencing, literacy

  • Jenny She

    I am a primary school teacher in Auckland, New Zealand. I teach a Year 2 class at Pt England School.  I integrate e-learning extensively in the classroom with a particular focus on Literacy. I have explored many 21st century tools to raise the students’ oracy development.

    Tags: youtube, writing, movies, twittering, acting

  • Global echo from school's tiny tweet

    Great example here of how a school community used technology to extend the reach of its message. "...The learning curve was swift and steep for Uruti and its children. They were living the video and its promotion through a combination of personal contact, press releases and social media. They ...

    Tags: social media, community, global, rural, primary, youtube, video, ed gazette

  • Universal design for learning in the classroom

    This was originally posted by Simon Evans 15 Oct 2012. This is cross-posted as part of the transition of Software for Learning to Enabling e-Learning. What is Universal Design for Learning (UDL)?   As Lynne Silcock points out in the video, not only are there 5% of students with recogn...

    Tags: universal_design_for_learning, udl, inclusion, special_needs, youtube, Google_drive, Photopeach, s4l

  • Using YouTube to enrich the learning experience

    This was originally posted by Simon Evans 25 June 2012. This is cross-posted as part of the transition of Software for Learning to Enabling e-Learning. Education using multimedia and other visual aids has always been a strengthening component of many subjects' curriculum. Video present...

    Tags: youtube, softwareforlearning, video

  • YouTube | Teachers' channel

    Assuming the site isn't blocked in your school (!), here's a new channel dedicated to videos for teaching and learning, with a range of suggestions for how video/multi-media can support the intended learning. The Free Technology for Teachers site has also shared some suggestions on the best way ...

    Tags: youtube, video

  • YouTube Revolution

    Photos of children from Room 3 (Year 5/6) engaging in their YouTube Revolution unit.  

    Tags: youtube

  • How to enable Moodle's YouTube video repository

    Moodle's Youtube repository allows users to search from within the HTML/TinyMCE editor for a YouTube video which they can then embed without the need for any coding. The option needs to be enabled by the administrator before it is available for teachers and students. To find out how to enable th...

    Tags: moodle 2, youtube, repository