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  • Rachel Bolstad

    About me: ...ces and outcomes for all learners, as well as teachers, families, and communities. My research interests include: - future-oriented education - young people's views and experiences of sc...

  • Ann Easter

    About me: I have a long-standing interest in gifted and talented education and my doctoral research is investigating the experiences of young people who have been accelerated at school and enter university early in Aotearoa New Zealand. 

  • Susan Wilson

    About me: ...ear of support and mentoring for a student or young person.to help create a seamless movement for students and young adults into activities that f...me This service is offered free of charge to young people with experience of disability...

  • Mark Corrigan

    Interests: "restorative practice" "young people"

  • Lisa

    About me: ...d am currently teaching a gorgeous group of young people who range form Year 7-10.  I...me days. We have some incredible stories of young people being transformed in characte...sophy and practice that best supports these young people.  We also have a class of Yea...

  • Andrew Murray

    About me: ...of Religious Studies. I am in my third year as Deputy Principal of Sacred Heart Girls College in New Plymouth. I am passionate about education, young people, sport and above all else my...

  • Patrick Pink

    About me: ...r, who's a New Zealander.  I'm proud to be a teacher for close to 30 years and am passionate about learning and teaching alongside children and young people with diverse learning/teachin...

  • Tracy Te Wake

    About me: I am currently working in Alternative Education facilitating learning for teenagers who have been alienated from mainstream schooling for various reasons.  I am passionate about education and enjoy working with young people in the classroom and on the sporting field.  

  • Fiona Matthews

    About me: Mother, teacher, learner. Passionate about eLearning technologies and providing exciting education opportunities for young people. Skills: Inspiring young people to be their very best

  • LukeNola

    About me: A recognized expert in the creative worlds of young people, Luke fundamentally believes in the power of imagination and learning by doing. After uneventful school years, recorded in a se...