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  • Cannington School

    Teaching As Inquiry Focus:   How can we use ICT tools, strategies and thinking in our teaching and learning to improve student achievement in writing? Cannington School - Milestone 6 Evidence

    Tags: cannington, milestones, writing

  • National Goal 2 - Capability of Principals to Lead e-Learning

    We reflected on the attitudinal study done by children in Term 1.  This showed children’s attitude towards writing to be an interesting one!  To be neat, was the main concern for the children.  Over the year we have dedicated time during our writing programmes to ensure the c...

    Tags: cannington, writing, attitude

  • Essay Writing Myths Debunked

    There are a lot of things that we need to know more about essay writing. It's better to know first the basic things before we could finally jump to writing itself. Some people have these beliefs about essay writing. And there are myths which aren't really true. Maybe some are, but most of...

    Tags: essay writing, myths, writing, readers

  • PPM Cluster

    PPM Cluster

    Welcome to the PPM Cluster learning group. During 2012 we will be focusing on eLearning, Inquiry Mathematics and Writing. Getting started in the VLN Setting up your profile from Enabling e-Learning on Vimeo. Further video tutorials are available to get the most from the VLN. The cluster hav...

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  • Megan Gallagher

    Tags: spending time with family and friends, drama, reading, writing, music, walking and gardening when time allows

  • /pg/blog/read/602735/using-a-class-blog-to-publish-students-writing-and-to-give-feedback-and-feedforward

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  • Kelly Faulkner

    I teach English at Napier Boys' High School.

    Tags: reading, writing, film, horseback riding!

  • Voice to Text for Reluctant Writers

    Tags: voice to text, writing, literacy, reluctant writers

  • Using iPads at Mayfair

    We have a large focus on literacy, writing particularly for our teacher inquiry development.  All teachers have a different focus. Our year 4 class find motivation an 'issue', particularly our boys.  So the teacher in this room is using ipads to record their stories on garage band (at t...

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  • Written, oral and visual language

    A couple of our Year 2 classes are using Kidpix for their daily story writing. They follow basically the same process as in their books - write their name, record their story, write the story and illustrate. By recording the story first, the child can replay it and refer back as they complete th...

    Tags: writing, oral language, visual language