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  • @jenneke.dodds I've transferred your grades comment into the Resource section of our workshop.

  • Getting ready to kick off the VisartsPD Online Level 2 Video Conference Workshop forum tomorrow.

  • Had a great first VC for this years VisartsPD workshop. 18 people from Northland to Dunedin discussing the new Level 2 Visual Arts standards

  • Just about to start the online workshop on the e-learning planning framework | http://bit.ly/nEkr1f. We'll record it for you :-)

  • Sign up for tomorrow's free online workshop on the e-Learning Planning Framework >> /pg/event_calendar/view/117502

  • Join us for the next free online workshop: What is Enabling e-Learning? /pg/event_calendar/view/158249

  • Just about to start the first e-Learning Planning Framework online workshop....

  • Places filling fast for tomorrow's e-Registered Teacher Criteria workshop /pg/event_calendar/view/15824.You coming?

  • Thinking of ways to facilitate an online workshop with your teachers, using the VLN community groups? Why not try this http://bit.ly/ueFZmv

  • Welcome to everyone who has registered for the Enabling e-Learning workshop. Starting in 30 minutes...http://bit.ly/ulvIDf