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  • An introduction to Geocaching - http://ltsblogs.org.uk/consolarium/2011/03/22/gametolearn-–-playful-learning-geocaching-workshop/

  • attending a workshop

  • Our TeKids programme is on a roll - our kids are taking a second workshop on Voicethreading Friday - running so smoothly.

  • Merepaea has now joined. Registered for Te Manawa Pou online and looking forward to the 1st workshop in New Plymouth tomorrow.

  • Great Enabling e-Learning workshop this afternoon. Thanks Karen and Tessa.

  • It's raining, so why not sign up for today's free online workshop on the e-Learning Planning Framework http://bit.ly/qtYL4j

  • I'm off to do a digital citizenship workshop with the Coalface cluster today. Can't wait! http://fizurl.com/huntlydc

  • @karenmelhuish I think so but I'm not good at the legal stuff. Looking forward 2 Creative Commons workshop we hope to have soon 2 learn more

  • The next free online workshop on e-Learning Planning Framework is on 2 Nov: /pg/event_calendar/view/117668

  • IPlus Cluster workshop