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  • Working with teachers and their classes

    During 2011, as part of my e-learning leadership role, I am working with teachers in their classrooms with their students to support emb...cher and class I have started working with 'ran' with the CDROM resource...session and rotated students working on the reading resouce thr...

  • Enabling e-Learning | What's on in Term 1 2015?

    ...nology for children and young people.” Come join us a...the community groups, engage with others and share this hub with friends and colleagues. Why n...t this time of year, a lot of people like to make predictions as t... Hosted in Adobe Connect with Tessa Gray. REGISTER NOW!...

  • Digital Citizenship

    Just added this as a group discussion but didn't work so perhaps wi...try here...I've been reading with interest the discussion in th...uited to our older children. With staff here we ran a session l...They had a go at interacting with the presentation which was a...standings of how children are workin...

  • Working with Tony Ryan at Tahunanui School

    Since beginning the ICT Contract with the Whakatu Cluster Tahunanui...Inquiry Team spent a morning working with Tony Ryan to continue to deve...inquiry learning.  Start with the key competencies & ou...team to use our inquiry model within their classroom to act as e...

  • Global Connections – Join the Roof of the World Tour!

    NZ schools are warmly welcomed to participate with their students in this ‘ANZAC' connection with the the people of the Himalayas and celebrating the work of Sir Edmund Hillary's Himalayan Trust during their 50 Year Anniversary. Visit their website to join or contact Maggie. 

  • The arrival of the iDevice.

    There is a tipping point with the introduction of any device and the iPad is no exception. For educati...hnson talks about the time it takes for a technology to reach 50 million people.  The tv took some 50 ye...

  • Somerset Crescent Tekids

    Our tekids are busy creating a presentation about what being a tekid means for them at Somerset Crescent school. I look forward to seeing these. I have had to think hard about how we are going to use our tekids more effectively so I am currently working on this.

  • SCT Challenges

    What are the biggest challenges for SCTs when working with teachers a a coach and mentor?

  • e-Learning Round-up | 15 August 2011

    Welcome to all those new members of t...text of e-learning. This week people have been sharing thoughts...Cyber safety discussion with Malvern ICTPD lead teachers:...t their school. What are people doing this term? Share your e-learning focus, and connect with others doing the same (e-Learni...

  • Day Time Astronomy - Register your Interest

    Introducing a new Science class to the VLN Primary - please contact Rachel to expres...day. The idea of doing astronomy activities during daytime is unusual as most people regard it as a night time act...