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  • Can anyone tell me how to merge cells on a table on a Google Word Doc? The Help tab only tells me how to merge cells on a spreadsheet.

  • Does anyone have a word doc version of the ELPF? If so please email to bthomas@cognition.co.nz

  • Been playing with google drive this is a way forward surely for kids to word process make their work and share and its free!

  • Can someone please advise me how to convert (cut and paste) a word doc into a google doc and still retain the same formatting - thanks

  • ever get stuck looking for a Māori word? or Māori to English word? http://www.maoridictionary.co.nz/ http://www.learningmedia.co.nz/ngata

  • I need some advise! Blogger, Word Press My Portfolio which is the best to use as a portfolio app of study? Pretty interface and blog please

  • What one word do you want to define your school this year? Share it in this discussion. http://bit.ly/1Tb2wPZ

  • What do you want your school to 'reek of' this year? Add your one word here >>> /discussion/view/947920

  • what is the best computer or ipad based writing app. His main block is that he stops writing if he spells a word wrong.