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  • Fairfield College

    Fairfield College

    Fairfield College is a single school cluster and is in the second year of its contract.  The school has just had the SNUP upgrade.  Fairfield staff have a wiki which can be seen here.

  • CRSSC Cluster

    CRSSC Cluster

    ...regularly meet together at our Lead School, Fairhaven in Napier, to collaborate, share, learn and plan together for each of our schools. We have a wiki that we all contribute to and...

  • Pukekohe Cluster

    Pukekohe Cluster

    Pukekohe ICT PD cluster 2010-2012.  The cluster is made up from the following schools:  Pukekohe High School, Pukekohe Intermediate, Pukekohe North, Pukekohe Valley, Pukekohe Hill, St Joseph's and Buckland School.  The wiki for the cluster is http://pukekohecluster.wikispaces.com

  • Bridging the Gap ICTPD Cluster

    Bridging the Gap ICTPD Cluster

    ...with technology. Cluster schools: Al-Madinah School, Jean Batten School, Royal Oak Intermediate School and Waterlea School BTG Wiki: http://bridging-the-gap-cluster.wikispaces.com/ BTG Blog:http://b...

  • Learning through games

    Learning through games

    ...pically is to help students experience school subjects as an engaging process of mystery and discovery. (icon image by SharkD,  from wikimedia - http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Strategy_v...

  • Media Studies

    Media Studies

    A group for Media Studies teachers to share and connect - maybe to store and share resources and share stories about what they are teaching.   Banner and Group Icon images all used under creative commons license. Aranui English Department Wiki Straya by George

  • eFellows


    A space for the CORE efellows to network, share and collaborate. The eFellows group also has a wiki at: http://coreefellows.wikispaces.com/, where you can find out more about the individual Fellows... Twitter hashtag #efellows

  • Online Mentor PD programmes using Google Hangouts

    Online Mentor PD programmes using Google Hangouts

    ...me including full unit plans and activities for levels 1-4 using wiki classrooms. I support this wiki by running Google Hangouts on...making external assessment a possibility for these schools. my wiki site is www.activeparticipate...