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  • Collaborative Whiteboards

    I've been playing with an app called groupboard. Seems simple enough to set up with your mac and share a common webspace with up to 5 users on the free version. I had 2 ipads, laptop and iphone connected. Works well in real time, simple tools that are easy to use and allows pictures to be added. ...

    Tags: whiteboard, collaboration, ipad, ipod

  • Online Collaborative Whiteboard

    This whiteboard - "AWW: A Web Whiteboard" - allows you to draw on a blank slate in your browser. More importantly, it is a collaborative space that students can join from anywhere in the world with a broadband connection. I've found it useful for running a whiteboard concurrently with a Skype tut...

    Tags: whiteboard, collaboration, internet, online, live, tutorial, skype

  • EasyChalk - the online whiteboard software - Chrome Web Store

    The joy of this on line Chrome Web App and Website is that it works on any browser or device- you can draw, add your own images and audio and even easily create QR codes with it. Click on the wee flag bottom left to make sure the instructions are in English.

    Tags: Whiteboard