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  • Finally spending a day in the office getting on top of paper-work grrr! Catching up with everyone on the VLN is a nice distraction!!!

  • @tessa.gray Thanks Tessa that ICT pedagogy paper was EXACTLY what I needed this afternoon- you must have known.

  • I-pad as a white board... Looks interesting http://www.interfacemagazine.co.nz/articles.cfm?c_id=&id=1011

  • Got my first paper published in NZ Computers in Schools http://education2x.otago.ac.nz/cinzs/mod/resource/view.php?id=281

  • Have updated my Bling4yrblog opening page for the new Blogger interface http://bling4yrblog.blogspot.co.nz/ You can download a paper copy.

  • I am a teacher in a high school and want to help my younger son get his ideas down on paper

  • Read this new paper on Digital Citizenship from Netsafe > /discussion/view/967107