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  • Mary Mason

    Kia Ora Koutou,  I am currently working as the Mutukaroa Coordinator at a school in Bay of Plenty. I have just started the role in 2020 and am really looking for networking and support with how to implement this programme effectively. If anyone can share the access or links on where I can f...

  • A day at Puniho Marae

    I had the privilege, on Monday, to be able to spend the day with Jason Ruakere on his marae. This was very much a step outside of the comfort zone for this city lover. For me it really was like being in another world. I was out of the city. The pace was slower. It was more relaxed. I was introduc...

    Tags: community engagement, whānau engagement, Māori boys, technology, iPads, Te Reo

  • Engaging whānau

    Kia ora rā This week's focus is on engaging whānau and I have been asked to post resources and stories relating to this. Often my first place to go to is the Enabling e-Learning site as it is full of valuable material. Here are some links relating to whānau engagement. Engaging with the...

    Tags: māori, whānau engagement, whānau, digital technologies

  • Whānau and Iwi Engagement - Ka Hikitia in Action

    Ngā mihi o te ata One of the main reasons this rōpū was set up was to share and celebrate our stories. I come across the publication Ka Hikitia in Action yesterday and it is a very interesting read. It is full of stories from schools, kura, whānau and iwi illustrating Māori educational success. ...

    Tags: māori, whānau engagement, whānau, Ka Hikitia

  • Engaging whānau though Technologies

    Kia ora e te whānau Today's post shares how different tools can be used to engage whānau and the wider community, and the benefits this provides. This story showcases how technology has enabled parents to be involved in different ways with students' learning. More stories of engaging whānau ...

    Tags: māori, whānau engagement, digital technologies

  • Engaging with the Community - The Mutukaroa Project

    Moata rau I have spoken to a number of people who have been involved successfully in the Mutukaroa Project and realised we haven't shared anything in this rōpū about it before.  Mutukaroa Project information and stories from enabling e-learning: Beyond the ClassroomThe Mutukaroa project is...

    Tags: whānau engagement, mutukaroa

  • Engaging Whānau - Supporting whānau to use technologies

    Mōrena e hoa mā Supporting whānau to use digital technologies is a wonderful opportunity ot invite whānau to your school and to strengthen the home-school relationship.  Finlayson Park are a decile 1 school with many families that do not have access to the Internet. The school ha...

    Tags: whānau engagement, digital technologies