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  • coral

    Location: Westport

  • Sharon Turner

    Location: Westport

  • lara

     Mum to Scartlett (6yrs) who is in Te Puna bilingual class at Westport North School.  I teach a year 5/6 class. I'm married to Rhys Hall who is a talented stone carver and up and coming DJ (Paipo). I'm seriously addicted to shoes and coffee. The  beach is my favourite place especially Tauranga...

    Location: Westport

  • Nic

    I'm a newby teacher working with Year 3-4 at Westport North... loving the opportunity to join my kids on their e-journey

    Location: Westport

  • Megan Culver

    Year 3/4 Teacher and Literacy Leader at Westport North School

    Location: Westport

  • Catho166

    Deputy Principal at Westport North School.

    Location: Westport

  • Sharon M

    Location: Westport

  • Caitlin Nicol

    Location: Westport

  • Westport North School

    Westport North School

    This is a space for resources, links and conversations in relation to the Blended e-Learning project at Westport North School. Check out: Group Discussion for some great starter material for our dialogue and debate. Group Blog to record thoughts on the e-Learning Professional Inquiries Grou...

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