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  • Tracy Tindle

    Year 7 & 8 teacher at Wellsford School, north of Auckland.  Passionate about ICT and elearning, Minecraft and coding and gaming for schools.  I am ICT Lead Teacher and run a digital class using 1:1 iPads.  We are starting to introduce BYOD for our senior classes this year so Ive got the iron ...

    Location: wellsford

  • Annette Byrant

    Teaching for 9 years, teaching at Tauhoa School.  Currently in a year 0-2 class, however have taught in all year group.

    Location: Wellsford

  • MPenEng

    I am an English Teacher in Wellsford. I am an ex-ESOL teacher and have a small number of students who will need to do ESOL for NCEA. Therefore, I would like to get to know more members of the ESOL community. I am currently a fourth year teacher and I have a general interest in literacy and try...

    Location: Wellsford