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  • 35 favourite web 2.0 tools

    Edudemic.com is quite interesting in general, worthwhile subscribing to or RSS

    Tags: web 2.0, classroom

  • 21st century fluency

    This resource is the collaborative effort of a group of experienced educators and entrepreneurs who have united to share their experience and ideas, and create a project geared toward making learning relevant to life in our new digital age  

    Tags: web 2.0

  • Top web 2.0 tools

    This is an alphabetical list of Web 2.0 tools compiled by David Kinane. Some are new, some are a good reminder of what's available and useful in an educational context.

    Tags: web 2.0, resources

  • Adding a flickr feed to your wikispace

    Live example with code here: http://widgeds.wikispaces.com/Flickr+Feed In wikispaces, edit a page. Click on "Widget", then select "Other Widget". In the editing window, paste the code below and replace the value under  'id: '62938898@N00' with the one of your own photostream. <...

    Tags: wikispaces, web 2.0

  • Mashing up data on wikispaces

    This has been advertised elswewhere on this VLN. The NZ Mix and Mash competition has just started. You have till September 19th to submit your entry. The thing is that you don't need  complex technology or advanced technical skills to make great projects. It's more about having a nice idea ...

    Tags: wikispaces, web 2.0, programming

  • Wikispaces Mashup suggestions anyone?

    I am happy to celebrate mix and mash NZ with more examples. Especially some giving access to NZ resources (images, data). Any suggestion?

    Tags: wikispaces, web 2.0

  • Engaging Family and Whanau

    In gathering evidence for Milestone 4. The Malvern ICTPD cluster have decided to post evidence of ways that they have managed to engage Family and Whanau using an online tool. The examples will range from Social Networking (Facebook and Twitter) to use of Blogs, Wikis and other external Web 2 to...

    Tags: web 2.0, engaging whanau, family, online learning,

  • Social media support: Blogging and 'web 2.0' considerations for schools

    This will take you to the resource on NetSafe's LGP site. 'Blogging and Web 2.0 considerations for schools' is a pdf, created to "assist schools in developing a policy for the safe and educationally appropriate use" of various 'web 2.0' tools.

    Tags: cybersafety, netsafe, blogging, web 2.0, digital citizenship, social media

  • Teachers' Website of the Day

    This looks like a great idea - the next thing would be to be able to filter it, so actually a group in the VLN would be cool - http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Teachers-Website-of-the-day/264535373593833?sk=wall

    Tags: web 2.0, website

  • Happy Music Teacher!

    Showed Peter how to download You Tube video so he's a happy chappy.  Used a free downloader - http://www.dvdvideosoft.com/products/dvd/Free-YouTube-Download.htm - which I put on our applications drive.  Paula Jamieson messageboarded me (new verb!) about Zamzar which looks pretty good to...

    Tags: youtubedownloader, web 2.0, website, music, professional learning, professional reflections