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  • e-learning for students with special needs

    Cluster Type – Central Region Special Schools ICT PD...ogrammes is highly beneficial for their personal development. Students with visual impair...nal goals. E-portfolios are at various stages of development in each school. The focus...

  • ICTs Supporting Key Competencies

    About UsWaihi Schools Cluster is comprised of...ase the use of ICTs to support the development of Key Competencies (KCs). W...ed ways that ICTs could support KC development.• A section of the Clust...g are designed with key competency development in mind.  Teachers can a...

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  • Phase 2: Scoping

      Once there is a commitment to proceed, and a level...Investigation of other LCO models. Professional development needs. Technology audits and...ner Needs Logistical Coordination Professional Development & Support Pedagogy Tech...

  • Phase 4: Implementation

      If the planning phase has been completed successfully the implementation phase...hips and Communication Learner Needs Logistical Coordination Professional Development & Support Pedagogy Tech...

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  • VLN Website Development

    VLN Website Development

    A place to discuss the ongoing development of the VLN Website. Got a suggestion?    Join this group Go to Group Discussion > Add a topic  Post your suggestion in a new thread -...

  • LCO Handbook

    LCO Handbook

    This group will contain the new LCO Handbook which is currently in development. It will be available soon .... This handbook was started in 2002 as a guide for rural secondary schools in New Zealand who...

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  • Developing student vocabulary to enrich writing

    If limited vocabulary is holding back the level of writing of students in your class then you need to do some specific teaching in order to raise their vocabulary repertoire.  e-Learning has much to offer here in scaffolding this drawing out and harvesting of rich vocab. A great place to ...

    Tags: writing, vocabulary development, vocabulary, text read software