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  • CantaNet Organisational Review

    This is crossposted from Darren's blog. Darren has undertaken an institutional review of the CantaNet elearning cluster and includes lots of feedback from his cluster schools. His findings and presentation are very relevant and applicable to all elearning clusters. There is a lot of detail here o...

    Tags: cantanet, vlnc, elearning

  • VLN Community Research

      Last month some of our Taranaki VLN Primary schools hosted Canadian researcher Michael Barbour. Michael is on sabbatical from Wayne State University in Detroit and has been sponsored by DEANZ (Distance Education Association NZ) and Core Education to research the VLN Community....

    Tags: vln_primary, vlnc, elearning, distance education, research

  • Computers in NZ Schools - Virtual Schooling Column

    Thanks to Michael Barbour for drawing my attention to this. Check out Computers in NZ Schools (CINZ). There are several links to articles from our publications page. Every issue will have a column about Virtual Schooling in NZ. Here is an excerpt from Niki Davis first column: "This virtual scho...

    Tags: cinz, virtual learning, vlnc, elearning

  • Thorndon

    Tags: vlnc, virtual learning network community, vln primary, elearning, blended learning, virtual learning, thorndon school,

  • VLN Primary Helps Launch Rural Broadband

    You might have missed it in the news, but the launch of the Rural Broadband Initiative (RBI) took place on June 30th. I have been keeping quiet about this in wider circles as i have been waiting for official release of images & media from this event. You can view the recording of this event h...

    Tags: vln_primary, vln primary, vlnc, broadband, fibre, anne tolley, steven joyce, taranaki

  • Rural Broadband Launch

    Pics from this event June 2011. Thanks to Nehumoana from Te Kura o Omaio for sharing these :-)

    Tags: vln_primary, vln primary, vlnc, broadband, fibre, anne tolley, te kura o omaio

  • Transitioning to Secondary School

    At this time of year our Year 8 students are preparing to leave our schools to head into Secondary Schools. It is heartening to hear, and testimony to our current eTeachers, that some are asking for options to continue with their learning language at Year 9. Already we have heard back that som...

    Tags: personalised learning, vln_primary, vlnc, secondary schools

  • Video Conferencing – Extending the Learning Opportunities for our Students

    Article about Video Conferencing - prepared for the GCSN. 

    Tags: video conference, gcsn, vlnc, distance learning, online learning,

  • Network for Learning

    Last week the VLN Community met with Marg McLeod, Acting Group Manager, Curriculum Teaching and Learning, and Eddie Reisch from the MOE to discuss the proposed Network for Learning. ‘The Network for Learning, available progressively from 2013, will provide schools with affordable, saf...

    Tags: bandwidth, broadband, collaboration, elearning, technical, ufbis, vln, vlnc, infrastructure

  • Taking a Collective Responsibility for Educating our Children

    'If we could put all our teachers and all our children in one room how would we organise learning?' Trevor discusses the potential of UFB to enable us to approach learning in innovative ways but it is down to us to work collectively to realise those opportunities for our students. It won't happe...

    Tags: collaboration, innovation, ufbis, broadband, vln_primary, vlnc, edtalks