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  • VLNCommunity Meetings information

    ...ote Apologies: Notes: Notes folder in the VLNC Google community - requires l...dback from community, course requirements etc VLNC profile revision update Mov...nity documents can be accessed through the VLNC Community folder 2015 AGM...

  • _FarNet

    ...arning. Our schools are located from the Far North through to South Auckland. We are members of the New Zealand Virtual Learning Network Community (VLNC) which uses a range of techno...

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  • Great musings and reflections about distance learning from the panel in the VLNC PLD series: future focus now: https://zoom.us/j/95564338793

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  • CantaNet Organisational Review

    This is crossposted from Darren's blog. Darren has undertaken an institutional review of the CantaNet elearning cluster and includes lots of feedback from his cluster schools. His findings and presentation are very relevant and applicable to all elearning clusters. There is a lot of detail here o...

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  • VLN Community Research

      Last month some of our Taranaki VLN Primary schools hosted Canadian researcher Michael Barbour. Michael is on sabbatical from Wayne State University in Detroit and has been sponsored by DEANZ (Distance Education Association NZ) and Core Education to research the VLN Community....

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