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  • Rural Schools Fibre Launch

    June 30 2011

    Tags: vln_primary, fibre, broadband, online learning, Anne Tolley, Steven Joyce

  • Matariki - Online Class

    Matariki Online Class - Rural Schools Fibre Launch June 30 2011

    Tags: matariki, vln_primary, fibre, broadband, learning online, Anne Tolley, Steven Joyce

  • Thorndon Astronomers

    On a recent visit to Wellington we were lucky enought to catch up with some of our VLN Astronomy students at Thorndon School. Pictured here is Rachel, our young astronomers, and Natasha (who will be taking our Japanese class next term). Here is some feedback from the students (you can hear more ...

    Tags: vln_primary, online learning, walkthrough, virtual learning, astronomy

  • VLN Primary Helps Launch Rural Broadband

    You might have missed it in the news, but the launch of the Rural Broadband Initiative (RBI) took place on June 30th. I have been keeping quiet about this in wider circles as i have been waiting for official release of images & media from this event. You can view the recording of this event h...

    Tags: vln_primary, vln primary, vlnc, broadband, fibre, anne tolley, steven joyce, taranaki

  • eLearning Round-up | 18 July 2011

    Haven't got time to trawl the VLN for eLearning goodness? I've done it for you:-)   eMember of the week Each week we'll profile someone who has made valuable contributions to our eLearning community. This week, it's.... Annemarie Hyde: Deputy principal and e-learning leader at Mokoia...

    Tags: digital citizenship, cybersafety, vln_primary, broadband, movie making

  • Rural Broadband Launch

    Pics from this event June 2011. Thanks to Nehumoana from Te Kura o Omaio for sharing these :-)

    Tags: vln_primary, vln primary, vlnc, broadband, fibre, anne tolley, te kura o omaio

  • Enrolments in online classes welcome!

    Our online classes are starting up for the second half of the year. We still have a few spaces for students in our Astronomy, Te Reo & Japanese classes. Japanese will start in Week 6, other classes are starting now. Astronomy 1.30 pm Fridays, Te Reo 12.30 pm Fridays. We have room for groups...

    Tags: online learning, vln_primary

  • Transitioning to Secondary School

    At this time of year our Year 8 students are preparing to leave our schools to head into Secondary Schools. It is heartening to hear, and testimony to our current eTeachers, that some are asking for options to continue with their learning language at Year 9. Already we have heard back that som...

    Tags: personalised learning, vln_primary, vlnc, secondary schools

  • VLN Primary Moodle Site

    The VLN Primary uses Moodle to support it's online classes. Our Moodle is supported by the MoE and is still developing in content, form & pedogogical style. Here students are able pick up resources and acitivities, access appropriate websites and engage in forum discussions. Teachers can shar...

    Tags: vln_primary, vln, moodle, moe

  • Taking a Collective Responsibility for Educating our Children

    'If we could put all our teachers and all our children in one room how would we organise learning?' Trevor discusses the potential of UFB to enable us to approach learning in innovative ways but it is down to us to work collectively to realise those opportunities for our students. It won't happe...

    Tags: collaboration, innovation, ufbis, broadband, vln_primary, vlnc, edtalks