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  • How would I let TKI know that their RSS doesn't work on this http://nzcurriculum.tki.org.nz/Ministry-curriculum-guides/Community-engagement

  • Thinking of ways to facilitate an online workshop with your teachers, using the VLN community groups? Why not try this http://bit.ly/ueFZmv

  • Looking forward to teaching online this year and meeting the community here

  • All the 'e' goodness from the community>>Enabling e-Learning Round-Up | 24 January 2012 | http://bit.ly/wre0tT

  • What e-learning action happened in the community this week? > e-Learning Round-Up | 1 February 2012 bit.ly/z7yRta. Add to a thread...

  • Welcome to all our new members - exciting growth in our community this term! Jump in, ask a question, use our expertise http://bit.ly/noWTW6

  • MRGS eLead Team exploring VLN how can this community best support their Teacher Inquiry?

  • Welcome back to Term 2 everyone. Keep an eye out for up-coming events from the Enabling e-Learning community groups @ http://bit.ly/Q45LLZ

  • Just completed a fantastic school workingbee. Brilliant community participation.

  • @mrshyde Glad it went well. Great example of the community supporting its members:-)