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  • Learning and Teaching Resources

      Focus Conduct a review of appropriate learning resources, identify gaps and future needs. Explanation Th...ols are the access to specialist text books, laboratories and equipment, audio-visual a...

  • Learner Needs

      Focus Carry out a learning nee...hallenged to meet the needs of a new language curriculum area for Year 7 an...ith the introduction of the learning languages curriculum at the primary le...hey are trying to figure it out, and languages is one of those in particula...

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  • Secondary ESOL Online (VLN)

    Secondary ESOL Online (VLN)

    This group is moderated by Breda Matthews. It is a space for is for all secondary tea...to share their ideas, resources and issues around meeting the needs of English language learners. Use the areas below...

  • Video resources for PD

    Video resources for PD

    To create environments where all learners thrive, there is immense potential in working closely with people who sha...e completely gorgeous and inspirational. Think of them as injection of magic - visual k...

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  • Written, oral and visual language

    A couple of our Year 2 classes are using Kidpix for their daily story writing. They follow basically the same process as in their books - write their name, record their story, write the story and illustrate. By recording the story first, the child can replay it and refer back as they complete th...

    Tags: writing, oral language, visual language

  • Assessment eTools

    Mary-Anne and Jill recently hosted a webinar on looking at eTools to assist with the capturing of evidence for literacy achievement across the curriculum.  You can check out the resources and the recording of the session  at this vln link. /blog/view/800049/live-webinar-how-can-we-us...

    Tags: literacy, assessment, e-Learning, eTools, literacy assessment, writing, reading, visual language, oral language, communicating