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  • Learning at School 2011

    Reflections on and wonderings after  L@...s an enhancement to the teaching and learning process.  I see a lot of...into the prsentation worthiy of the learning intention?  There are...d to make a 'real' difference to the learning outcomes of the children in t...

  • Nayland walkthrough from NCA teachers

      ITC Visit to Nayland 3/3/11 Ruth and Bridget attended. A twenty minute talk...staffroom before thirty five minutes of visiting classrooms. The following e-learning tools were observed: Lexia...

  • Tony's Visit to NCA

    At NCA we had the awesome opportunity to have Tony Ryan with us for an afternoon. I w...e! The areas learnt we see having a direct influence on effective taching and learning!

  • Tony's Visit to NCA

    March 16, 2011 by Chris   Comments (0) At NCA we had the awesome opportunit...e! The areas learnt we see having a direct influence on effective taching and learning

  • The arrival of the iDevice.

    There is a tipping point with the introduction of any devi...rom that point on it becomes a natural part of the learning ecosystem. Today we do n...To view the Apple Bus Tour Presentation go to my eLearning site    ...

  • ePortfolios in the News

    ...ime and wasted effort than almost any other learning technology topic I can recal...uss, Activity, Reflect, Evaluate, Checklist learning design sequence and a wide ra...is question. If you are not a member of the Virtual Learning Network (VLN), consider joini...

  • Yet another site...or is it?

    Am learning about a new site.  This looks a little like Netvibes, a little like blogger.com and not like wikispaces but I keep comparing the two!  I don't know how many websites I have visited or joined but I am looking forward to learning about this one.

  • Welcome - Aoraki Mount Cook School!

    ...newsletter: "The degree of connectivity and being part of the Online Learning Environment at our school mo...rom Matapu School in Taranaki. I found out about this through the NZ Virtual Learning Network (VLN) site and encour...

  • Analysing PAT results and Jeffrey Smith

    Whilst I really enjoyed the talk by Professor Jeffrey Smith on data analysis I do not...in the colleges and schools could also make use of these programmes in their learning of Statisitcs. Tinkerplots is...