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  • Growth of a Google Doc through the eyes of a student...

    Suspect there is more than just the growth of a Google Doc going on here. Recommend watching in full screen.

    Tags: video, feedback

  • Pivot tables in Google Spreadsheets

    Tags: video, data

  • VLN Group: Videos for PD

    A VLN group dedicated to sharing stimulating and thought-provoking videos that might be useful springboards for professional discussion about learning.

    Tags: video, professional learning, vln_primary, group

  • Global echo from school's tiny tweet

    Great example here of how a school community used technology to extend the reach of its message. "...The learning curve was swift and steep for Uruti and its children. They were living the video and its promotion through a combination of personal contact, press releases and social media. They ...

    Tags: social media, community, global, rural, primary, youtube, video, ed gazette

  • YouTube | Teachers' channel

    Assuming the site isn't blocked in your school (!), here's a new channel dedicated to videos for teaching and learning, with a range of suggestions for how video/multi-media can support the intended learning. The Free Technology for Teachers site has also shared some suggestions on the best way ...

    Tags: youtube, video

  • Breakfast: Education Technology Costs

    This morning on breakfast http://tvnz.co.nz/breakfast-news/education-technology-costs-video-470... Waikato University Education Expert Noeline Wright looks at the growing pressure on parents to provide children with the latest technology to aid their learning.

    Tags: byod, breakfast, technology, video

  • iPads highlight need for tech-savvy teachers

    http://www.3news.co.nz/iPads-highlight-need-for-tech-savvy-teachers/tabid/423/articleID/241326/Default.aspx School is back for most students this week and many will return to class rooms kitted out with the latest gadgets like iPads. There are concerns teachers might not be able to keep up with...

    Tags: byod, news, video, ipads, 3news

  • Broadband and the changing face of education

    Video available at http://www.3news.co.nz/Broadband-and-the-changing-face-of-education/tabid/423/articleID/241313/Default.aspx It’s back to school this week and as teachers plant he year ahead, how much of that learning will be online? The Government’s rollout of ultra-fast broadb...

    Tags: byod, technology, firstline, education, video

  • DivShare - Professional Media and Document Sharing

    This site will host all of your photos, videos and audio. When uploaded you get an embed code to put into your blog. Easy to use and allows many log ins at the same time. I recommend a class account, then all students can access the material at the same time.

    Tags: audio, video, photo, storage

  • Modern learning environments - edtalks

    Large collection of schools, people talking about Modern learning environments. This is through edtalks

    Tags: MLE, trial, ideas, development, experimenting, edtalks, video, voice