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  • Welcome to our children's future - lets think about IT ! (A Day with Glass)

    We worry about the speed of change and often talk about not knowing what the future will bring for our children (as if that could be a reason for keeping the status quo). In fact, we're constantly getting plenty of glimpses ahead. Here's one of them ... a place where we can communicate instantl...

    Tags: video, future, 21st century, staff meeting discussion

  • The Khan Academy

    The Khan Academy is a non-profit educational organization created in 2006, by Salman Khan. With the stated mission of "providing a high quality education to anyone, anywhere", the website supplies a free online collection of micro lectures via video tutorials st...

    Tags: mathematics, video, digital resources, non-profit educational organization

  • Using YouTube to enrich the learning experience

    This was originally posted by Simon Evans 25 June 2012. This is cross-posted as part of the transition of Software for Learning to Enabling e-Learning. Education using multimedia and other visual aids has always been a strengthening component of many subjects' curriculum. Video present...

    Tags: youtube, softwareforlearning, video

  • CantaNet student videos

    Our eDean COP put these video together (one made by the students) detailing what it is like being an eStudent.  They are designed to provide new students some idea of what the experience is like. http://cantanet.org/student-videos/

    Tags: estudent, vc, video conference, video

  • The camera in your pocket - using video in teaching and learning.

    Last week I had the chance, in a team meeting, to listen to my colleague Liz Stevenson as she shared her experience of walking alongside Te Kura o Kutarere, where they have been using a free digital tool called Storybird to support their work in literacy. &nb...

    Tags: engagement, video

  • History, Science youtube channels

    During the course of the year I have come across a number of different Youtube channels that could go some way to supporting the secondary curriculum. Unfortunately, I am neither a science specialist nor an historian, nor, for that matter a secondary teacher. So I'd appreciate thoughts from those...

    Tags: history, science, video, tutorials

  • 2014 - Turn on the Video!

    As bandwidth improves across our school networks there will be more opportunities to turn the camera on in the Adobe classroom or with Skype connections.  Be video capable either with your onboard camera (quite suitable for one or two participants) or consider purchasing a desktop conference...

    Tags: vc, video conference, adobe connect, skype, camera, video, online learning, vlnprimary