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  • @Chrissie.Butler Great idea:-) I like the way you wrap some blurb around the video to give a sense of why we might use each one. Very good.

  • How one ICT leader is driving ICT-PD in her school:

  • Editing video footage from our Otakou Kids ICT Conference

  • On the importance of practice, check the video on

  • I've just joined the VIDEO RESOURCES FOR PD group. A hot spot for great videos for stimulating discussion in the classroom and staffroom.

  • Video resources for PD. A great way to support teachers. /pg/groups/48871/video-resources-for-pd/

  • Did you know style video on cyber safety @

  • Getting ready to kick off the VisartsPD Online Level 2 Video Conference Workshop forum tomorrow.

  • Thanks heaps to everyone who participated in today's VisartsPD video conference session. Some really interesting ideas shared.

  • We are having a Rotorua Lakes Cluster meeting with a large group at Ulearn! Taking video reflections. Hooray!