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  • Video conferencing in distance learning: A New Zealand schools' perspective.

    Roberts, R. (2009). Video conferencing in distance learning: A New Zealand schools' perspective. Journal of Distance Education, 13(1),91-107. Abstract: This article sets outs to trace the development of video conferencing in distance learning in the New Zealand secondary school sector. It b...

    Tags: vc, elearning, online learning, vln

  • From Teletubbies to Teleteacher

    Walsh-Pasco, L. (2005) From teletubbies to teleteacher: Effective practices in video conference teaching. Ministry of Education 2004 eFellow report.

    Tags: elearning, teaching, online professional reflection, online learning, vc, vln

  • Students Experiences of Learning in Virtual Classrooms (2008-2009)

    This project researched students' experiences of learning in virtual classrooms (VC). Virtual classrooms were established to enable secondary schools in New Zealand (particularly those in rural and remote areas, and small schools) to overcome issues of distance and resourcing which might otherwis...

    Tags: vc, elearning, vln, online learning, virtual learning,

  • An interview with Ken Pullar: Director of OtagoNet

    Computers In New Zealand Schools Vol 22 No 3 (2010) The use of videoconferencing is increasingly common both within New Zealand and overseas. In order to gain an insight into how one group using videoconferencing works, Fiona Stuart interviewed Ken Pullar, ePrincipal of OtagoNet in December 2010...

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  • Video Conferencing in Christchurch

    I am going to try to get a number of my students onto video conferencing this year. I have set up a project based learning course, and am linking in with the University. I plan to link groupos of students with 'mentors'. People that can provide real world experience, so kids can start to think ou...

    Tags: vc, video conferencing, christchurch

  • Linking in with NEN Schools

    Today i joined a VC with several Ashburton schools, REANZ & Dave from Southwell school, through Scopia desktop VC. This was an opportunity for schools to find out more about KAREN, the NEN trial and learn to use the Scopia environment. It was great to see what people are doing in their school...

    Tags: nen, karen, ufbis, broadband, bandwidth, vc, video conference, scopia, desktop vc

  • CantaNet student videos

    Our eDean COP put these video together (one made by the students) detailing what it is like being an eStudent.  They are designed to provide new students some idea of what the experience is like. http://cantanet.org/student-videos/

    Tags: estudent, vc, video conference, video

  • Temperature Check

    I have finally gathered all the data together from the students surveys completed at the beginning of term two and shared them below.  I have included last years' results at the top so you can cycle through and compare.  There is one new question which asks students whether they feel th...

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  • In the News - Secretary of Ed observes VC lesson

    From the Golden Bay Weekly last week: "... Principal John Garner invited the secretary to visit Collingwood earlier this year when he found out that coming from England she had little knowledge of area schools.During her visit the secretary was able to observe Marta Barham delivering a Year 13 c...

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  • VideoConferencing Teaching Activities

    A great link shared by Sylvie

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