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  • Had a great first VC for this years VisartsPD workshop. 18 people from Northland to Dunedin discussing the new Level 2 Visual Arts standards

  • @sandynewman If you are looking at the Horizon Report and NZ, maybe the CORE Ten Trend's resource is useful | http://bit.ly/fejVCy

  • If you haven't yet had your say about video conferences with Te Papa, complete the survey now. http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/VCswithTePapa

  • Can't wait for the FREE online Digital citizenship webinar in 20 minutes http://bit.ly/LgVc3P

  • Join the free Digital Citizenship webinar tomorrow 3:30-4:40. Details in the calendar http://bit.ly/JQPbdH. Login at http://bit.ly/LgVc3P.

  • Join us this afternoon at 3:30 in the free, online Digital citizenship webinar using Elluminate Live! http://bit.ly/LgVc3P

  • Join the free e-portfolios in the classroom webinar today 3:30-4:40. Login at http://bit.ly/LgVc3P. Details http://bit.ly/LUy1IY.

  • Learning Without Limits VC/Webinar tomorrow 10 am - make your registration http://bit.ly/Pzqh2J

  • Emily Keenan wants to hear stories of how people are using GAFE in Junior classrooms. http://bit.ly/19VC1mR Is this you?