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  • Allanah King

    About me: ...See Is What You Get   Here are my bookmarks https://www.diigo.com/user/allanahk/ ClassBlog : http...Podcast : http://allanah.podomatic.com/ Diigo: http://www.diigo.com/user/allanahk Twitter : http://...

  • Cyndi Kruijer

    About me: A keen ICT user who is always looking how to do it better!  ICT and eLearning Lead Teacher

  • Sonya Van Schaijik

    About me:  Teacher at Newmarket School in Auckland. Newmarket School on VLN Coreefellow 2011  O lou lauga mo le Fagasa Interested in teachers making connections betw...

  • Steven Wills

    About me: ...Josephs. Specialise in IT - all apple applications, Google products - blogging especially, and am currently engrossed in creating films. My vimeo user page can be found here: http:...

  • Ed Strafford

    About me: I do whatever I can to ensure the ministry of education uses digital innovation to provide better resources for learners, teachers and hapori. I do this by working really hard to bring user voices into Ministry decision-making processes.   Love football (the round ball version!)

  • Rohan Meuli

    About me: I am the Business Director of Our School Ltd (previously i-com) which specialises in providing cloud integration services to schools eg single sign-on, user provisioning, Google Apps, etc

  • Malcolm Law

    About me: I tend to neglect VLN partly because I don't get sufficient from going to the site. The users have different concerns and rarely do our interests align.

  • Pascale Hyboud-Peron

    About me: Teacher of French (Secondary), subject association (NZAFT) admin, MyPortfolio facilitator. Keen to see elearning and inquiry become mainstream in the Learning Languages area too. And eportfolio developing as a way of being! ;-) And here is my badge for week 9 Term 2 2013! Thank You!