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  • iPad/iPod User Group

    iPad/iPod User Group

    We are using the VLN group to discuss iPad and iPod Touch use in an educational context. We are a growing group. Places to look are the discussions, activity, blog and bookmarks.

  • Moodle


    Moodle is an managed learning environment (MLE) Visit the Moodle web site and create yourself a user account. Teachers like what is found here Moodle books can be found here Systems administrators & programmers get your kicks here ♠ ♣ ♥ ♦

  • Chromebook/Chrome User Group

    Chromebook/Chrome User Group

    With Chromebooks starting to hit our shores and many of choosing them as big part of our learning environments it is is time for us to start sharing the journey.

  • Ministry of Education Web Channel Redevelopment

    Ministry of Education Web Channel Redevelopment

    ...the process of redeveloping our online channels starting with the main corporate (minedu) and ECE sites. Our key objective is to make the sites as user focused as possible - with in...

  • NZC Online discussion

    NZC Online discussion

    This space is newly created to provide an opportunity for teachers to give us feedback about content on NZC Online.  We invite your feedback on new and existing content in order to provide the best possible user experience and to ensure our site is reflective of the audience it serves. 

  • Collaborative Long Term Planning

    Collaborative Long Term Planning

    ...-boxes' for the AO/Key comp etc so you don't have to keep writing them in) and disadvantageous (it is not truly collaborative and it is not user friendly).  I am really keen...