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  • Christie Stephenson

    About me: I am interested in Psychology, If you have any useful or interesting information on the topic of Psychology please contact me on my email address, thankyou (:

  • Susan McMillan

    About me: ...n order to to be a more effective teacher and to assist teachers......and I love it!  Currently finding my way about VLN but already it has been a useful source and I'm recommending i...

  • Malene

    About me: ...involved and articulate their learning in a meaningful way. I am interested in refining assessment systems and practices so they are relevant and useful for teachers, learners and ca...

  • Amanda Ellwood

    About me: Teacher at Marlborough Girls' College. Looking into making BYOD useful in maths. 

  • Harry Hansman

    About me: ...e, Methven,. My brain is spinning getting to terms with NCEA, which seems rather overly complex. So I hope to learn a few things, and find some useful resources on this site.