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  • Whanganui Teacher Connect

    Whanganui Teacher Connect

    This is the place for teachers from Whanganui and it's surrounds to meet, share, ask questions and create a network. Initially this will be based in teaching with digital technology but should be expanded to all areas of our practice.

  • Tikipunga Primary School -Primary Science PLD 2012

    Tikipunga Primary School -Primary Science PLD 2012

    This is a page for us to share our thoughts and understandings about teaching and learning in science. On the left i...

  • Maths & Statistics ICT Community

    Maths & Statistics ICT Community

    Welcome to this community of Mathematics and Statistics teachers who are interested in using ICT in their teaching. All levels of experience and...s - download resources for free to use in your own teaching. Or add your own (and use the...

  • Year 5 to 8 teachers unite!

    Year 5 to 8 teachers unite!

    A group for Year five to eight teachers to share ideas and resources and discuss teaching and learning.

  • Scratch


    This vln is dedicated to exploring ways of using Scratch as a teaching and learning tool. I am passionate about using Scratch in the classroom. It is my favourite program. I would I to see the Scratc...

  • Wikieducator and OERs

    Wikieducator and OERs

    Helping support the development of Open Education Resources and the use of Wikieducat...aborate on new resources, and reuse and remix existing ones to ensure that the teaching and learning materials we use...

  • French eTeachers

    French eTeachers

    A place for French eteachers to discuss and share professional learning, resources, and collaborative support. For teachers who are working online in the VLN Community and for teachers with an interest to develop in online and blended teaching and learning.

  • Primary Science Teacher Fellowship

    Primary Science Teacher Fellowship

    This group is for current Fellows and alumni of the Royal Society of New Zealand Prim...k up and to share ideas and resources, and to collaborate in promoting science teaching and learning within their sch...

  • Geography Network

    Geography Network

    A group for discussion of new ideas for teaching Geography - whether it be contexts, resources or pedagogy based.

  • Teaching as Inquiry

    Teaching as Inquiry

    The Teacher inquiry process and knowledge building cycle is a fundamental aspect of a...the students.Timperley, H. (2009, August). Using assessment data for improving teaching practice. Australian Council...