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  • Digital Citizenship at Tahunanui

    ...b 2.0 environments revision of the school cyber safety agreement turning the cyber safety/digitial citizenship agreement into a living document &nb...ns into classroom programmes, turn e-learning home agreements into ‘living’/&r...

  • Respect and Protect

    A cyber safety agreement can be very wordy!  Often we sign it and f...ed our ideas about what our school cyber safety agreement meant to us.  We regular...e students ideas. We also chopped up our school agreement and matched to the cyber safe...

  • National Goal 1 - Capability of Students to Become Digital Citizens

    A parent evening was held 30 March and the internet safety agreement was explained. All children have signed their safety agreement. It is now included in the enrolment pack. A succesful parent evening was held on J...

  • Birchwood

    ...hool all families are given our cyber safety agreement to view and sign before stude...t school prior to Year 4 need to revisit the agreement with their parents at the beg...  To Consider How can we change our agreement so that it becomes a living d...

  • Nayland Primary School

    ...e adapted. This is the 3 pages that make up the 2011 Acceptable User Agreement. We have made a yr0-3 copy an...hers, Respect Property. The reason we have done this is that the agreement requires parents to go throug...

  • Stoke

    ...ith your child. Sign the Use Agreement Form and return that page to...which include cybersafety use agreements for all school staff and stu...y parent/s have signed my use agreement form and it has been returned...r responsibilities under this agreement Sign the appropriate secti...

  • National Goal 1 - Capability of Students to Become Digital Citizens

    Cannington Independent ICT Use.docx Children at Cannington School are required to sign a Cyber Safety Agreement. This is included in our enrolment pack.

  • Student Acceptable Use Agreements

    ...y receive after both their caregivers and they sign an acceptable use agreement. This gives them access to t...ail account and certain drives on the server. Student Acceptable Use Agreement - Mokoia Intermediate