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  • SPC Net Usage Statistics - Whole Year

    As of 29 September, this graph shows the impressive growth in the number of students accessing SPC Net. Keep in mind that many students use classwide logins rather than individual logins (therefore the usage could be even higher). This is only records "unique" logins so students who log in multip...

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  • SPC Net Usage Statistics - September

    This is a pie chart of the number of students who have accessed SPC Net in September, plus it shows how often they log in as well.

    Tags: st. peter's, baradene, usage

  • Web Usage Stats, Data and Infographics

    I am always fascinated by the rate of change of statistics and data around the web and am always looking for the very latest to add to my presentations/workshops with teachers.  This resource is a place to collect and store some of the articles, infographics and slideshows as I find them. &n...

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  • Guardian for Chromebooks

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