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  • Citizenship

    A big picture unit plan for developing the concept of citizenship with year 7 and 8 students. Activities are designed to run alongside other areas of learning througho...

  • West Inquiry Unit 2012

    Inquiry plan focussing on "Our Town", teacher directed unit to start the year. Focus on using the language, modelling ideas and skills required for each stage of the process, and taking action at the end of the unit.

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  • Teacher only day today - have had a great start by working out our Term 3 Inquiry unit already!! Subway for lunch soon!!!

  • @mrshyde I Googled "Facebook lesson plans" and the no1 result is http://www.teachingenglish.org.uk/lesson-plans/facebook-social-networking

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  • Road to Rio passports

    These were given to each year 9 student for our Olympics themed unit.  They collected medals for tasks completed in their core curriculum subjects.  This was motivating for t...

  • Road to Rio in PE

    The PE teachers had a focus area in the gym that had images of the Olympics and Posters relating to the values theme of their unit



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  • Finance/Funding

      Focus Coordinate financial systems within and between schools. Finalise bud...ions with technical services and resource providers. Confirm final budgets and plans. Develop a cluster-wide poli...

  • Learner Needs

    ...be provided at the earliest opportunity (technical, study, and self-...enrolment through to completion of units or courses of learning. In s...ull use of the resources and opportunities available through the wide...Figure 4. Floor plans for the redeveloped learning...

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  • Mokoia Intermediate

    Mokoia Intermediate

    We are an intermediate school located in the eastern suburbs of Rotorua in the wonderf...ve.  Our values statement is " Mokoia is a community that values respect, honesty...ile 5 school with a roll of 275. We have a digital unit...

  • Epsom Girls Grammar School ICT PD

    Epsom Girls Grammar School ICT PD

    Epsom Girls Grammar School is a large single sex school in Epsom, Auckland. We ar...3rd year of a 3 year ICT PD contract. Check out our reflections on 2011 and plans for 2012 here. Claire Amos...

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  • Microsoft Roadshow

    I attended the Microsoft roadshow and now I am even more intent on using OneNote. OneNote ensures that your documents are real-time - rather than having documents in various folders and then never knowing if you are viewing the latests document. So often we have so many documents that link to...

    Tags: microsoft roadshow, onenote, collaboration, documents, realtime, unit plans

  • Baradene/ Saint Peters College ICT PD cluster reflective summary – embedding ICT within Teaching and Learning unit plans!

    Background and Context The teachers of Baradene College and St. Peter's College have combined forces to ensure their students are able to access and incorporate ICT in as many of their educational experiences as possible. The teachers at these schools are responsible for bringing these resources...

    Tags: unit plans, teaching and learning documents, reflective summary, baradene, Saint Peters College, ICT tools, support for teachers, goal 5,