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  • @AllanahK Awesome and thanks for the fast reply Allanah. Will add this to the next ICT PD Online newsletter.

  • @MarcusNorrish Welcome. Thanks for joining the VLN & iPad user group. It is growing fast.

  • Places filling fast for tomorrow's e-Registered Teacher Criteria workshop /pg/event_calendar/view/15824.You coming?

  • The next group of schools to be connected to ultra-fast broadband has been announced. See Enabling e-Learning newsfeed http://bit.ly/whNuAt

  • The Government has announced the final providers for the Rural Broadband Initiative. More information http://bit.ly/IN6Guc

  • When ultra-fast broadband comes to you, where to start? - with Douglas Harré - webinar recording now online http://bit.ly/GP78mo

  • Kicks off today! > Network for Learning and Ultra-fast Broadband | 'Learning without limits' seminar series http://bit.ly/KyBkrR >you going?

  • Find out when your school is getting ultra-fast broadband. Use the MoE's new tool http://ufbis.elearning.tki.org.nz/

  • Want a fast track to the e-learning updates from across the VLN? We've done the hard work for you... here's the news: http://bit.ly/149H0nG

  • Does Ultrafast Broadband mean more than faster uploads/downloads? See the difference it really makes in the classroom: http://bit.ly/YN81IT