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  • @ross.alexander It could act like a list on Twitter, where you set up a list of people to follow on a particular topic...

  • @karenmelhuish Does this out-twitter Twitter?

  • @karenmelhuish wireVTwitter not so useful 4 us, went with twitter feed on profile using blog widget, can see possibilities 4 closed group

  • @ross.alexander "Does this out-twitter Twitter?" ...suspect not

  • Hi all, am playing around with the usability of this community space...in a world of Twitter, do we also need the Wire?

  • Can't go to L@S11? Follow the action via Twitter. Search for #latsconf :-)

  • Chatting to folk on Twitter about the VLN. Now - how can we join up that conversation with this one?

  • Getting ready for the first EduCamp of the year in Wellington. Follow on Twitter #educampwelly :-)

  • You can also see the same links on my Twitter account http://twitter.com/#!/dakinane

  • Just 'tweeted' lol, is that what you say? Just working my way around the VLN, The twitter the wallwisher now...