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  • What's been happening in the e-learning spaces of the VLN? Find out in this week's eLearning Round-up | 18 July 2011 > http://bit.ly/q5RDTv

  • @karenmelhuish at home nothing on TV to watch!!

  • Anyone know whats happening with the TVNZ6 Netguide Multimedia Challenge this year now that TVNZ6 is gone?

  • Thanks for the reminder - otherwise I might have been watching something far less educational on TV! Or engrossed in my book...

  • Consider the future at Joy of science - What if you car could power your house? http://bit.ly/SLsgUM how tv ads can inspire a lesson plan.

  • SafeShare.tv http://bit.ly/s4lssttv removes the ads and clutter from youtube clips. What do you use?

  • The latest Enabling e-Learning newsletter is out now - find out what's new http://bit.ly/1vo9dTV

  • Watch the Network for Learning address by Howard Baldwin today live from Orewa College on eTV. More information http://bit.ly/KGp7wS

  • Yes did watch it live. I believe the recording will be made available later for viewing in the NEAL Catalogue in the eTV Library.

  • Does anyone know how to screen multiple iPads onto Apple TV. i.e.: 2 or three on the screen at once.