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  • Google Apps for Education GAFE 101

    This is a link to my presentation about Google Apps for Education 'GAFE 101' for the 2014 Ako-e TRCC hui. http://goo.gl/wkEdJ0  Google Drive Cheat Sheet Link to web page - 100 Important Google Drive tips for teachers and students

  • TRCC Ako-e 15/07/2014

    15/07/2014 TRCC Ako-e 9.00 Karakia Pechaflikr - Janelle - based on presentation st...omene Te Virtual Learning Network   The aim is to have every TRCC Ako-e participant registered...

  • TRCC Ako-e 16/07/2014

    16/07/2014 TRCC Ako-e 9.00 Karakia Te VLN Whāia te hononga:&...07/2014   Whāia te hononga: 15/07/2014 TRCC Ako-e   14/07/2014...y here:  Whāia te hononga: 15/07/2014 TRCC Ako-e Have you joined th...

  • TRCC Ako-e 17/07/2014

    Visual reminder about where to access our Virtual space:   Reminder to log in to contribute to discussion posts.