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  • clareemilie

    I teach at English at Rotorua Girls High School and am currently researching teaching with BYOD for my year nines.   I'm enjoying the way pedagogy and the new curriculum is developing as it allows for flexibility and differentiated learning; much more sensitive to the individual student, their le...

    Tags: learning, traveling, Reading all kinds of media, design and music, gardening, Experiencing culture, National Radio. Supporting kids grow.

  • Richard Mountain

    I'm an ESOL and art/design teacher at John Mcglashan college in Dunedin. I am from the UK origionally. This is my first year teaching in New Zealand.  I love to travel and have lived and taught overseas and know how my students feel when moving to a new country and different culture.  I have take...

    Tags: Traveling, hunting and fishing, exercise, walks, ceramics

  • Joel Joel Griffin

    I associated with EssaysnAssignments for 4 years as an Academic Writer. I am an excellent writer and also helped several students with Academic Writing Help. I provide the Best Dissertation Writing Services in the UK for students especially colleges & universities. I am great to work in helpi...

    Tags: Traveling

  • Sunny Yang

    An-nyeong-ha-se-yo, my name is Sunny Yang. I am originally from Sun Chun, Korea, but has been living in New Zealand since 2003. I am currently teaching Korean at Korean School in Dunedin. I am excited to be a part of the VLN team and work with students all over New Zealand.

    Tags: Traveling, Food, Music