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  • iPad/iPod User Group

    iPad/iPod User Group

    We are using the VLN group to discuss iPad and iPod Touch use in an educational context. We are a growing group. Places to look are the discussions, activity, blog and bookmarks.

  • Maths & Statistics ICT Community

    Maths & Statistics ICT Community

    ...an expert wondering where to next. Share ideas, issues, questions, steal others' ideas! If you have any questions or comments please get in touch. The short link for this comm...

  • e-learning in Area Schools

    e-learning in Area Schools

    A way for teachers in the Area School setting to keep in touch about technology and e-learning in the classroom.



    ...at is working? Meet with others to talk about and problem solve, go and see each other in action, have members of the MOE behavior team come in to touch base with and get some new id...