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  • Aok Room1

    I am blown away by the excitement that has grown around our TeKids workshops! Each Friday our TeKids run workshops and there is always a long list of kids who want to join in and learn more. The TeKids feel amazing and our whole school is loving it! 

  • Day 1 timetable

    Hi guys, This is the day 1 timetable. It is not set in stone but is a good indicati...tal tag (remember cones!) 10.15 Teachers told concept -brainstorm list of possible binary opposites...

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  • Free online programmes at the Smithsonian

    Dear Education Professional: We are pleased to pass on th...e registered as a member of this LearningTimes email list because you previously expres...s. We send no more than one email each month to this list. To unsubscribe please click...

  • LwDT 1#

    Do we want to use the VLN as an online sharing platform? We have an established spa...Decide on an inquiry model / Modify an inquiry model for the kura Compile a list of online/electronic programm...

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  • Relationships and Communication

    ...nd do not get overwhelmed with too many new technologies at once. Th...with familiar technologies such as listserv email communication and w...urses that are being offered and a list of member schools. A brochure...publishing, the ability to produce many of these materials is within...

  • Set goals and principles

    ...s have been considered, a succinct list of goals and principles for t...the proposed LCO may proceed. This list will also serve as a key poin...p;   what happens if too many/too few schools want to parti...ommitted? Action establish a list of agreed goals for the LCO...

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  • Heather Bell

    I work for Korimako Education as an education facilitator. I work across a broad spectrum of areas and have a particular interest in digital/elearning, teacher inquiry, and inclusive schooling.

    Skills: too many to list :)