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Results for "thinking"


  • Mike Densem

    About me: ...network. I have had the opportunity to meet personally with many key people, including Hekia Parata, and to gain a good insight into the current thinking and direction of the Ministry...

  • Philippa Nicoll

    Interests: critical thinking and communication

  • Lisa Squire

    About me: Keen to learn, have my ideas and thinking challenged.  Like to keep things real, authentic and honest.  Fan of personalising learning, restorative justice, bull-rush and having genuine positive relationships.  

  • David Allan

    Skills: Thinking skills and Global Perspectives/Business skills Oh and of course all of Microft Office skills

  • Lorraine

    About me: ...kground in ICT.  In the last couple of years, I have been in schools where ICT PD has been limited both here and overseas.  I am now in a forward thinking school and would like to be a...

  • Jill Pears

    Interests: Design Thinking

  • Mary-Ann Hilton

    Skills: thinking

  • Hamish McLean

    About me: I work in a forward thinking school as the eLearning facilitator, 3 days per week.  Teach year 7/8 teacher 2 days per week.  Our school uses modern teaching and learning technique...

  • Antonia Fong-Molenaar

    About me: ...it is changing the face of teaching.  VLN is a fantastic way to bring thinking and sharing to to a new level...and get new ideas, to seek and share answers to problems and extend my thinking and practice with e-learning....

  • DaveCorner

    About me: ...s from the NZC and after beginning the process of integrating these into our units of learning, I have become focused towards developing critical thinking and metacognition in my class...