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  • KathC

    Website: http://thinkinge2013.blogspot.co.nz/

  • Jason Mischewski

    About me: ...ension and design classroom practice that does make a real difference.  A conceptual curriculum with effective implementation strategies and the thinking tools to support all learners...

  • Barrie Matthews

    Location: inquiry, inquiry learning, ict, virtual field trip, virtual field trip, video, professional development, podcasting, pd, thinking, technology, virtual learning, teacher inquiry, new zealand, experiences

  • Tracey Thomas

    About me: ...he learning and achievement within this curriculum area. I teach from year 9 to year 13 Scholorship and enjoy creativity, criteque and innovative thinking and art making with all level...

  • Glenis Martin

    About me: Working with Hooked-on-Thinking at Al-Madinah School as well as teaching Future Problem Solving at Northcross IntermediateContact email: glenis@hooked-on-thinking.com

  • Sophie Wright

    About me: I am a Maths teacher at Mount Roskill Grammar school. I love hard Maths problems. Also Stats scholarship and thinking about how to build statistical literacy. I am also the Director o...

  • Trevor Bond

    About me: ...difference for students. Within this broad field I do a lot of work with schools on Inquiry Learning, curriculum development, vision development, thinking, competency implementation, q...

  • Sandy

    About me: ...in the classooom. It is my belief that to have students workforce ready and 21st century and beyond thinkers we need to use the tools, ideas and thinking skills in the classroom that...

  • Jan Robertson

    About me: ...earoa New Zealand and world. I run 'the beaches' and then work hard in my beach office and house on exciting, creative leadership initiatives. My thinking is inspired by my environment...

  • Saira Boyle

    Interests: inquiry learning and critical thinking skills