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  • Welcome back :-) Enabling e-Learning is about to release free PLD events for Term 2 @/event_calendar/group/118255

  • Please feel free to download and print Enabling e-Learning's Term 2 events flier for your staffroom wall: http://bit.ly/1IoStld

  • Welcome to Term 3 everyone! Have a look at the latest discussion going on across the VLN http://bit.ly/1SvPY21

  • While you're there, don't forget to soak up the round-up and find out what FREE e-learning PLD is on offer for Term 3 http://bit.ly/1LByKA7

  • There are so many great webinars and forums happening in Term 3. Check them out here: http://bit.ly/1D6UMch

  • Welcome back to Term 4 everyone. There's some exciting events planned for this term @ /event_calendar/group/118255

  • Check out the FREE e-learning virtual events on offer for Term 4, put them in your diary and feel free to on-share @ http://bit.ly/1LNFE1j

  • Check out the latest e-Learning round-up, collating e-Learning posts from across the VLN. A great start to the term. http://bit.ly/1RKIut4

  • Don't miss out on the FREE e-learning related online events on offer this term @ http://bit.ly/eelterm1 Put them in your diary!

  • Check out what's on offer for FREE in Term 2.... timely e-learning online events - don't miss out! http://bit.ly/1ZH4b0L