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  • Note that the term dates for 2011 have been altered from previous years. Terms 1 & 2 longer; Term 4 shorter... http://bit.ly/fPb5mk

  • Updating my term 1 Log on VLN

  • Better late than never...Welcome back to Term 3 everyone! Check out the latest discussions @ /discussion/all

  • Teacher only day today - have had a great start by working out our Term 3 Inquiry unit already!! Subway for lunch soon!!!

  • Please add your resources to http://worldcuprugby.wikispaces.com/ for next term if you are focussing on the rugby next term.

  • Welcome back to term 3 everyone! For weekly updates in the VLN groups space, go to /pg/blog/owner/Enabling.eLearning

  • Good morning....and welcome to the last week of term!

  • Prepping today's blog post.....and wishing everyone a great start for this short and sweet final term:-)

  • Welcome back to term 4 everyone. Once again, Ulearn created a bit of a buzz on Twitter http://goo.gl/jixEq

  • The online workshops, pae pae, seminars etc are great...but why are they all on at the same time? AND we've already planned our term!