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  • TeKids Session 3 Reflection

    During this session the children were given a choice about how to present ther mini-inquiry research on Earthquakes using ICT. They all reverted back to tried and tested methods, e.g. PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, rather than being more adventurous. Next step in this process would be to explore oth...

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  • Lead Teachers Group Reflection Term 2 Week 2

    Today's session was a follow on from a previous session. Children were using web 2.0 tool to publish their research. One of the important aspects from today was that children realised that they couldn't just use any old web 2.0 tool. They needed to be selective. Children realised they need to man...

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  • TEKids reflection Term 1 week 9

    Reflecting on Mantar Cluster's TEKids Inquiry based session last term (term 1). Went well and sparked interesting observation/discussion amongst teachers that lots of children chose Word, Publisher, Ppt... to present their findings - not a lot of web2.0 tools used... Maybe easy, quick, reliable g...

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  • Preparation for Tekids Celebration

    Today we had the children together to begin the planning for their end of year celebration where they will present to whanau and BoT's from our schools. The children worked collaboratively in groups, some with a mixture of children from different schools. A major focus is on them taking...

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  • Reflection TeKids Session T2 Wk9

    This session was run by two Terrace End students who presented on animating in Power Point. The children were engaged in the session and t were buzzing and enthusiastic about it afterwards. This is a presentation these two students will be presenting at the Feilding Cluster student led conference...

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  • Feilding Cluster Student Led Conference

    All our TeKids attended the Student Led Conference hosted by the Feilding Cluster at Lytton Street School. This was a fantastic opportunity for our children to learn some new tools and be part of a wider learning community. Two students from Terrace End also presented at this conference which gav...

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  • Student Voice

    The TeKids at Terrace End have made significant progress in both their confidence and skill in using a variety of ICT tools to enhance their learning. In fact, several of these students are now actively using them to complete homework tasks and add them to their page on our class wiki: http:...

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  • Beyond the experts

    It has been incredibly rewarding watching our TeKids grow and develop as leaders and thinkers within both the Cluster and our school. However, the trick is in not just having a few holding all the knowledge, but being able to infuse this across the school. At present, this has been highly success...

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  • Reflection time for Somerset Tekids

    As the time for our school-wide action plans etc to be completed is drawing near - a big part of our ICT action plan reflection will obviously need to be based around the Tekids component. I have asked Louise to complete an individual reflection on the Tekids successes and next ste...

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  • TeKids Reflective Summary 2011

    The following is a summary of our TeKids Programme for 2011 for the Mantar Cluster (Milestone 4) Cluster:  Year 2 of Cluster programme - Primary Cluster Years 0-8 Cluster Type:  ICT PD Context:  TeKids - Tech Angel type programme designed to identify students with special abi...

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