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  • VLN Website Development

    VLN Website Development

    ...ussion > Add a topic  Post your suggestion in a new thread - and someone will be right along to answer you.  Or, if the matter cannot be posted publicly, please contact help...

  • The VLN Community - Home of the Learning Communities Online (LCO)

    The VLN Community - Home of the Learning Communities Online (LCO)

    ...s available right across New Zealand.   With more schools becoming connected to the Managed Network (N4L),...e digital tools operate in a seamless way.  No longer are schools restricted by the financial costs of exp...

  • English AS 91479,

    English AS 91479,

    A group to discuss and comment on approaches to the standard and submitted work with the aim of gaining a better understanding of how it can be used and what it can look like.

  • LCO Handbook

    LCO Handbook

    This group will contain the new LCO Handbook which is currently in development. It will be available soon .... This handbook was started in 2002 as a guide for rural secondary scho...

  • Te Apiti ICT Cluster

    Te Apiti ICT Cluster

    Located in the Manawatu, New Zealand and comprised of 6 schools, Te Apiti is a 2010 - 2012 ICT professional development cluster.  Our schools are: Russell Street, Roslyn, Riverdale, Ashhurst, North Street and Halcombe. Director: David ReardonFacilitator: Lyn Ross    

  • The Ministry of Education Student Gallery

    The Ministry of Education Student Gallery

    ...ellington since 2005. New Zealand and international visitors have commented on the displays and the artwo...rtwork in the Ministry and perhaps have the opportunity to have it exhibited in the Minister's office. It...

  • e-asTTle Professional Support

    e-asTTle Professional Support

    Area for support material related to e-asTTle

  • Getting started on the VLN

    Getting started on the VLN

    ...Just arrived and not sure where to go now? Top 6 steps for getting started: 1.  Build your profile so...community is a collection of groups - smaller communities -  each dedicated to particular interests and p...

  • Christchurch Special School's Cluster

    Christchurch Special School's Cluster

    ...This is the planning session  for 2015. We are likely to be working in school groups.  Before the next session please make sure you have completed the end of year evaluation....



    National Association of Secondary Deputy and Assistant Principals. This group is for APs and DPs who participated in the NASDAP study tour to discuss, record and share their experiences.