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  • When ultra-fast broadband comes to you, where to start? - with Douglas Harré

    A session with Douglas Harré about ultra-fast broadband and your school

    Tags: professional learning, ufbis, technology, infrastructure

  • Jim Townshend

    Kia ora koutou, My friends call me Jim and am excited to be extending my leadership learning this year through the NAPP programme.I am currently employed at van Asch Deaf Education Centre in Sumner, Christchurch. Our Centre has a number of services including a Core School, Residential sevices an...

    Tags: technology, running, guitar

  • How Technology has used ICT this year

    As a faculty we try to embed ICT into our programmes at every level. This takes the form of research, design, making calculations and comparisons, using different tools to record evidence of experiments and tests, and as a way to manage time and resources. We also started producing a digital mul...

    tag_names:subjects: reflective summary, ict in the classroom, technology

  • To SNUP or not to SNUP?

    Had an interesting discussion with our BOT chair and IT techie (also BOT member) around the SNUP deal. We are now eligible for it. HOWEVER - part of our e-learning vision is to incorporate more mobile-learning, laptops etc so want strong wireless capability. We have a good server and sound cablin...

    Tags: snup, technology, wireless, infrastructure

  • Reminder to all staff about OneNote

    Although this is a late post, I think it's important to note. We decided that as we would be putting up new training tips for upcoming reports, it would be a good idea to remind people about OneNote, how to access it and that it is there for their benefit. I sent out emails to all staff, to HOFs ...

    tag_names:subjects: reflective summary, technology

  • Dawid de Villiers

    I am the Principal at Dannevirke High School and previously was the Principal at Central Hawke's Bay College. I am originally from Cape Town in South Africa, but is now a proud New Zealand Citizen.

    Tags: education, technology, change management, curriculum leadership, educational management

  • Green screen

    Tags: green screen, technology

  • Technology at Yr 7 & 8

    Tags: technology, culturally responsive practice

  • Printing comment bank from KAMAR

    Here's a quick and easy way to print off your comment banks from KAMAR if needed.

    tag_names:subjects: ict in the classroom, technology

  • Sharron Gray

    Teach Digital Technologies years 9 -13.

    Tags: programming, technology, electronics, gaming for teaching