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Results for "technology"


  • Martin Butts

    About me: HOD Art, Design & Technology Chilton Saint James SchoolInterests: digital technologyInterests: materials technology

  • Dee Marshall

    Interests: Technology and Culture

  • Monika Kern

    About me: ...s, iPads, Minecraft Lab etc. When is it smarter to use a device and when should we put the device away? How can technology help - or hinder - us define who we are? How can technology help - or hinder - greater ju...

  • Chris Lapworth

    About me: Hi I am Chris Lapworth, Teacher in charge of Information Technology, joint chair of data/e-learning PLG and HOF Technology at Spotswood College, New Plymouth..

  • Sharron Gray

    Interests: technology

  • peter courtney

    About me: I am relatively new to this game, but have found myself with the mantle of technology person. I have done a great job at faking that I know what I am doing and enjoy playing around with...

  • Vicki Stephens

    About me: I have a background in information management and information technology in libraries including web development and the integration of web-based library services with e-learning. As a p...

  • Eric Martini

    About me: ...ng to try anything tech related! For the past 6 yrs I've worked with schools, youth, business and community groups on workshops and seminars on technology, from general computer skills...

  • Marie Nordstrand

    Brief description: I am a Strategic Business Advisor in the Ministry of Education, based in Wellington. I work in the Information Technology Group, supporting the Education System Digital Strategy

  • Peter Boot

    Interests: learning and technology